Slick SEO copy sells websites

Quality writing sells a website.

People judge a website within a few seconds of discovery. Once they’ve found the site through Google or another search engine, you only have a window as small as the average attention span to convey your message. That has to be done through direct, compelling language that not only convinces the visitor of the value of the site, but convinces him or her to respond, resulting in greater turn-around, leads and sales.

That’s why Matt Gallagher’s SEO copywriting services are ideal. Using direct language that is ideal for the Internet, his writing compels people into action. No matter the subject matter, Matt Gallagher creates copy that is attractive and luring, engaging and invigorating to read. He uses SEO techniques that promote keywords targeted by his clients. Because his writing is direct and attractive to read as well as gauged for SEO, his work consistently ranks high in the very search engines that are vital to succeeding on the web.

Matt Gallagher regularly performs SEO and web copywriting services for Best Rank, which can be contacted through Ryan Frank,, which can be contacted through Dan Dreifort; Portent Interactive, which can be contacted through Dan Scott, and, which can be contacted through Julie Stout. Email addresses are not included on this site to avoid Spam Bots, but can be provided by Matt Gallagher by emailing him at, or by contacting each person directly through their respsective site.

Matt Gallagher can write a 350 to 500 word SEO piece for an average of $15.  Matt Gallagher’s freelance SEO copywriting services are available to any SEO company who wants well-written, engaging SEO copy on demand, on time and at an affordable rate.

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