The Highpoint Program description


At Highpoint Lawn Service, we use only the best quality products on your lawn, combined with an individualized lawn treatment program specialized to meet your needs. Our employees aren’t seasonal or transient but here for a career. They take great care and pride in your lawn, working on it year after year, knowing what it needs to be healthy.

Our lawn treatment program includes five treatments of custom blended fertilizers featuring dry, granular, slow release products. It’s a more natural approach that provides a slow release into the soil, breaking down over time. The slow release gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to be thick and healthy. Our fertilizers provide a natural feeding to the roots, allowing the grass to grow lush and robust, like on the finest golf courses.

Our custom blended, dry fertilizer gives your lawn the nutrients it needs, when it needs it.

We believe in an environmentally sound approach to weed control, target weed control. We don’t believe in generic, all over weed control. Our program involves constantly modifying the treatment of your lawn based on what we see is happening.

At Highpoint Lawn Service, customized, personalized customer service is our bottom line.


Our professional care, combined with a friendly, personal approach, will bring out the best in your lawn. Our quality products and lawn service will give your lawn the character to carry through the dryness of summer.


Our program guarantees results.


Follow our simple instructions and a healthy, lush lawn will be yours backed with a money-back guarantee. We specialize in healthy lawns that are bug and pest resistant, lawns that shine green throughout the year, adding a rich gleam to the neighborhood. You’ll be proud of your beautiful new lawn. We guarantee it.

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